Lectures & Masterclasses

Adjunct Professor

ETM - Ecole des Musiques Actuelles, Geneva

Guest Lecturer

Eastman School Of Music International Conductors Guild Montreux Jazz Festival
Meta Artists International Irvine Valley College
Association of Geneva Music Teachers
Women in Film, Master Series, Los Angeles
WorldCon, Anaheim
Irvine music Festival EJMA, Ecole de Jazz et Musiques Actuelles

Educational Outreach

Southern California Piano Academy, Director
Santa Barbara SummerFest, Director

Professional and Corporate Masterclasses

Riot Games - League of Legends

Multimedia Concerts  

Preparing the Student Conductor for the Demands of  Multimedia Concert Work, A Practicum and Master Class to Master the Technical, Musical and Artistic Requirements of this New Medium


Emmanuel Fratianni has conducted multimedia concerts for sold-out audiences with some of the most renowned orchestras and pop artists around the world. Originally trained in Hollywood, where joining live orchestra to film and recording artist originated, Mo. Fratianni is uniquely qualified to speak on the topic, detailing the industry standards and revealing the often frightening expectations confronting new conductors in this now ubiquitous multi-media concert environment.


Mo. Fratianni, who has 30 years of experience as a music educator in both Europe and the US, has assembled this highly rare and valuable practicum on the technical standards, processes and expertise of delivering live symphony and choir to multi-media in concert. Students have the opportunity to acquire education, plus critical evaluation of their rehearsal and score preparation, conducting technique with the modern aspects of time-code, streamers and clicks, as well as communication with the audio and video director, stage and production managers, symphony personnel and show producer, technical podium equipment and much more.

Insightful, demanding and often entertaining, Mo. Fratianni’s Master Class and practicum is made available in multiple formats, to best meet the needs of the presenting institution as well as the proficiency of the student attendees -- From a multiple-day practicum to a half-day seminar/lecture, and by choosing from a variety of topics at varying depth. 

Lecture and Workshop for Emerging Conductors