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-London Philharmonic Orchestra, “Greatest Video Game Music”, Billboard Top-10 Classical Album

-Video Games Live, Vol. 1- EMI Classics,  Billboard Top-10 Classical Crossover Album 

-Charlotte Martin, Greater Lights from Advent Rising Soundtrack (co-producer, string arranger)

-Advent Rising Sountrack, Sumthing Else Records

-Fanakalo Afrikan Big Band, Quilombo-Live at Chorus, Lausanne 

-September Suite Ensemble Orchestral de la Riviera Concerto Grosso for Jazz Quartet and Symphony

-Advent Rising Soundtrack,  Sumthing Else Records

-Video Games Live Level 2  

-Video Games Live Level 3

-Video Games Live Level 4

-Play for Japan!, Akira Yamaoka, Producer 

-Play for Japan! 2 Akira Yamaoka, Producer

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